Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dirtbag Car Mod

Last January I went up to Mt. Hood for some mixed and ice climbing on Illumination Rock. I drove up the night before with the hopes of getting some shut-eye. As I lay awake in the back of my '98 Isuzu Trooper, with my feet crammed up behind the seats in one corner and my neck twisted to fit in the other, I had an epiphany. In this moment of clarity I realized that I could put a piece of ply-wood on the folded down seats at one end and prop it up with some 2x4 at the other, thus allowing me to lie down flat and maybe even get some sleep.

It's strange how these thoughts fade in the morning when you're having a good time in warm, sunny weather. It took me another nine months to finally build a sleeping platform in the back of my car, and I have no idea why because it was really easy and quick. I've even had the wood and screws for over a month, bought it a garage sale for five bucks. Finally I texted my buddy Joe to see if I could borrow a couple tools. He was working on a firewood rack and invited me over to get our Tim Allen on. Two hours later I drove home with a nice sleeping platform and feeling like I was actually a handy person.

Now I'm stoked for winter climbing on Mt. Hood and elsewhere this winter! I can go out every weekend and know that I will sleep comfortably... did I say every weekend? Oh, no no no! Honey, I meant that I would take you car camping at warm desert hot springs every weekend. Of course I wouldn't ditch you ALL the time to go ice climbing. Just sometimes... regularly... fairly often... I love you! I said, I love you! Ow! OW! Stop hitting me! Why are you throwing my stuff out the door? Be careful with my ice tools!

Looks like I'll be taking a road trip soon... anyone want to partner up? Just kidding... kind of.

Welcome to my pad...

Step right on in and make yourself at home...

Warm and cozy... well it will be.

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