Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trinity Alps pt. 2

So besides avoiding eating spam (see pt. 1) you are probably wondering what I did for six days, right? Well here is a general schedule:

Day1: hike in (yay so much fun!)
Day2: Slay to the East (epic!)
Day3: Slay to the West (epic!)
Day4: Slay to the North (epic!)
Day5: Slay to the South (epic!)
Day6: Slay to the East again, because we just didn't slay enough the first time (also epic!)

So you are probably going to be like, "give us the beta Sam! Give us the beta! Show us where all the awesome lines are!" But I can't. I took a solemn oath to not reveal exact locations or share photos of the most awesome Coulis. "Why would you do such a thing Sam?" Because I can. And because myself, Joe, Brian, Ryan and Ryan want those first descents to ourselves, because we are selfish. But hold on folks, before you get your panties in a bunch, stop and think: does it really matter? I mean let's be honest here, you probably don't have what it takes. Ten mile hike in with all your gear just to get to the end of the trail, then the adventure is only beginning. Approaching, climbing and descending... do you really have the cahones to rail that pencil-thin line that drops 3,000 feet at 50 degress? Nope, probably not. "Well, you are probably just lying Sam, you dirty little liar!" And you are right I probably am lying: the Trinity Alps don't get that much snow, the terrain isn't that good, the lines all suck. You should keep telling yourself that. In fact, tell your friends too. "Never go to those dinky little mountains in California, there is a reason that no one goes there, they suck, totally worthless!" Besides, its such a long hike in that its not even worth checking out. You wouldn't want to waste your precious time, so why gamble?

Now that you realize how much better we are than you, watch this fun video...

Oh, and just because I'm a peak bagging braggart I'll show you these selected awesome photos of sending and summit top outs. Yes, you should feel honored...

Brian and Matz...
...still sending.
Summit of Thompson with Shasta in the background.
Relaxing on Thompson... its easier to rock climb barefoot than in snow boots.
Boot pack up the ridge on Hilton.
The headwall we skied off the summit of Hilton.
Wedding Cake... rock climbing potential?
A nice lunch spot.

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